MIS 314 - Web Site Development and Management

Testimonial by Nathan Johnson -- Web/Business Analyst, Expedia

Enrolling and completing the Web Management ISC Certificate opened many doors while I was in school and even more after I graduated. The skills taught in the courses gave me a leg up on the competition when it came to finding a decent part time job I enjoyed while attending WWU. I have no doubt that the skills I employed during my interviews can be attributed to my experiences in ISC classes. I would recommend the Web Manager path to anyone looking for an all around view of E-commerce from code to content! 

ISC Track: Web Manager

Skills: Server side programming using PHP and mySQL; structured query language (SQL); introduction to database normalization; security; data validation; basic web design principles; site architecture; usability.

Knowledge: Server side programming; database design; security issues; and maintenance management. Understanding web design from the user’s perspective.

Experience: Develop an interactive, database driven web storefront.

MIS 314 web site