E-Commerce Developer Program

Will Asrari -- .NET Developer, Affordable Information Systems

My employer was impressed that ISC courses had prepared me for real-world situations. He liked that I learned not only good programming practices but also management aspects of software development such as application configuration and SQL Server. The breadth of topics covered in the ISC program has provided me an upper-hand relative people with a more narrow skill set. 

ISC Track: Web Manager

This certificate is designed to teach students how to build and manage data-driven web sites. These courses are offered by the Management Information Systems group in the College of Business and Economics. After completing the ISC Core Courses e-commerce Developer students take the following three courses:

MIS 324 - Intermediate Web Development and Management (4 credits)

Prereq: MIS 314 or permission of instructor.
Principles and technologies required to create, maintain and manage Internet content. Topics include ASP.NET, database design and access, web services, testing, security and use of high-level development tools (currently Visual Studio).
MIS 324 web site

MIS 424 - E-Commerce Systems Management (4 credits)

Prereq: MIS 324 or permission of instructor.
Covers topics that are needed to build effective e-commerce and e-business web sites. Such sites are content rich, secure, scalable, reliable and usable. Course topics include how to provide and consume web services, interact with legacy systems via screen-scraping, analyze site performance, security, application configuration, web server configuration, electronic-payment, e-commerce business models and designing for search engines. 
MIS 424 web site

E-commerce developer students will then get hands-on experience with an internship or practicum.

Internship or Practicum