Content Developer Program

Madison Miner -- Software Engineer, Engineering Design Automation Inc

The web certification I received from Western has been a great asset to my career and opened many doors. Soon after graduation I used my web development skills to create two successful web based businesses that continue to thrive. I have also been offered several desirable development jobs and contract opportunities. Thank you very much for this certification program and wonderful opportunity. 

ISC Track: Web Manager

Content Developer

The Web Content Developer Track is designed with the Liberal Arts Major in mind. This Track focuses on creating, developing, maintaining content of web sites while using technical Web skills to achieve these objectives. After completing the ISC Core Courses Content Developer students take designated courses within their major.

Majors currently identified for this option are:

Art Majors
- DSGN 360 and DSGN 361 

Communications Majors
- COMM 244 and 318, plus one other course determined by major advisor. 

English Majors
- English 302 and 402, plus one other course determined by major advisor. 

Journalism Majors
- JOUR 305, 309 and 330. 

Marketing Majors
- MKTG 476 and 483. 

Other Majors
- Consult with the ISC Director, Computer Science Department, Communications Facilities Building (CF479) 

For all other majors there is another option to receive a certificate as a Content Developer. This option is essentially the same as the current minor. A student in any other major can take two courses in either English or Journalism (writing and editing in electronic medium) and a Communications course (emphasizing group interactions). These courses are open to non-majors.

Web Content students will then get hands-on experience with an internship or practicum.