Testimonial by Nathan Johnson -- Web/Business Analyst, Expedia

Enrolling and completing the Web Management ISC Certificate opened many doors while I was in school and even more after I graduated. The skills taught in the courses gave me a leg up on the competition when it came to finding a decent part time job I enjoyed while attending WWU. I have no doubt that the skills I employed during my interviews can be attributed to my experiences in ISC classes. I would recommend the Web Manager path to anyone looking for an all around view of E-commerce from code to content! 

ISC Track: Web Manager

WWU students may earn a certificate for completion of coursework in one of three tracks. The tracks are designed to correspond with typical career tracks for web developers. They are also designed to utilize and compliment the knowledge that students learn in their major field of study.

All three tracks include the ISC core courses: CS 102CS 202MIS 314 and internship/practicm. The following diagram shows the preferred (but not required) course sequence.

For information on specific tracks please click on the following links:

Track 1:  
E-commerce Developer

Track 2:  
Web Programmer

Track 3:  
Content Developer